Blending between Lower-Body and Upper-Body for Running-Hit

Hey guys,

So here is what I’m trying to do. I have my melee enemy chasing me and when it gets close enough it hits me. However right now it can only hit me while stationary. What I’m trying to do is ‘mask’ out the lower body, so I can apply the standing, walking or running animation to the legs only while leaving the upper body to do as it sees fit. I followed the blending tutorial on the wiki where they key out the upper body instead, but my problem is that I’m using an animation montage for the hitting that I trigger from within the animation blueprint, and it seems to stop my running animation and effectively my character with it. So my setup is the following: I have a locomotion tree that changes between idle and running and have an attack montage which I trigger once I’m close enough to the player. But for some reason this seems to overwrite my whole rig despite having selected the upper body slot in the montage editor. I’m not really good with animations, so I don’t really know what to mask out and how :confused:

the layered blend per bone node is your friend!