Blending between idle/run blendspace and sprint animation


I have created a blendspace for my character that handles blending between idle and running/strafing. I am also coding in a tactical sprint for the character, in this mode he can’t strafe or aim, only move forward (example tactical sprint in Call of Duty).

What would be the best way of blending the character from it’s state in the idle/run blendspace, to the tactical sprint animation?


Add a sprint state.

doesn’t switching state just instantly switch? Or will it smoothly blend between them?

Default blend time between states is 0.2 seconds but you can change it

oh that’s good to know, I’ve only just started learning today. Thanks!

the proper way is to create a start run, run, and stop run state.
you have 2 kind of stops.
Gradual (will blend from run to walk).
and hard stop.
the player let’s go the input and you have a sudden 0 value.

Usually you want to handle how this is displayed to the player differently.

Ah okay, so I will need to replicate within my MoveForward and MoveRight functions the value passed in, and use that to decide if I should do a hard stop animation or a blend, is this correct?

You can also try to use the acceleration node,