Blending between different end and start frames

Hi everyone!
I’ve been looking around forums to find a way to smoothly blend between different poses of two animations. What I mean by that is:
There are two animations playing one after another. Let’s say these two are attacks. The first attack’s last animation frame is in a different pose than the second attack’s animation first frame. Is there a way to smoothly transition from one pose to another without the need of a special transition animation? I’ve seen it done in Dark Souls where there isn’t really a gap between attacks and their animations clearly don’t match each other but instead of snapping they just smoothly transition from one to another.

Edit: Figured it out while the forums were down. For everyone curious, you just use animation montages. When you play one while another is already playing it will blend between them and allow a smooth transition. Just need some good-looking animations and a bit of testing where the transition should occur. If anyone’s got a different solution you can post it here :slight_smile: