Blending between AnimMontages in Anim Blueprint

I’m working with Kubold’s animation pack and am struggling to come up with a good solution as to how I should use the content. One of the things I like most about his pack are the start/stop animations for each walk cycle. I’m assuming that the best way to use this will be with an AnimMontage, where as long as there is a directional force the character is always moving, which I will set with a variable (bMoving = true). When bMoving is true, it calls the walk anim montage and loops the walk cycle until bMoving =/= true, then it plays the stop animation and then transfers to idle.

So, my question is, obviously I would have 4 different anim montages - forward, left, backwards, and right. How could I blend between these based on player directional movement? You can’t plug Montages into a blendspace, so I imagine I’ll have to code a similar solution. From my understanding only one AnimMontage can ever play, so using it all doesn’t seem possible.

Anyone have any other ideas as to how I can do this?

Hey, MooseCommander.

Did you solve your problem? I’m stuck in the replication part of the animation with Root Motion. I’m also using the Kubold pack with Root Motion, but I think in order to work in Multiplayer I should replicate with AnimMontage.

I’m really enjoying this discussion. I’m going to do some testing, so I’ll post my thoughts here. For now, thank you very much for the clarifications.