Blending Between 3D & 2.5D

Hey guys,

I’m interested in being able to make a game in which the character can freely walk in 3D space in say a mountain valley then become locked onto a 2D plane when walking to a certain point.

I assume this involves taking the ThirdPersonCharacter, when the third person reaches a certain area (using a trigger volume), the ThirdPersonCharacter will then move to a Target Point that the character will move along. The ThirdPersonCharacter will then be locked onto only that axis & the Camera Component can be told to move to a specific location to follow along with the character.

When the ThirdPersonCharacter reaches say another Trigger Volume we can then reverse this process back into a 3rd person view.

I’d appreciate the help guys. I can run the logic down on paper bu I struggle to recreate the syntax in BP

I personally would have a second camera that you would switch to when in the trigger volume. As far as the actual axis are concerned, Just constraint the character movement to two axis. Not sure if this is what you wanted, but I hope this helps.