Blending Assets with Terrain Surface


I was wondering if anybody knew of some good approaches or tutorials to blending assets with your landscape terrain/material? Like rocks for example, when placing rocks, how do you blend it in with the surface material so it looks more natural?

I just kind of pile things up against the rocks, but you might try this in a different way…

You can use distance fields but there are two issues. 1) It’ll blend into 1 layer only. 2) High performance cost.
Better not to do it. It’s handled differently in other engines with lower cost.

Depends how advanced you want to get. Simplest would be to vertex paint your mesh where it intersects with the landscape. You’ll need to understand some basic concepts like material layering and world aligned textures in order to do this.

Next you could use distance fields, but as Al said this is costly.

You could after that try instead importing your terrain height map as a texture , and mapping it inside the material in order to achieve the same effect as distance fields. This is a little bit more intintimidating if you are new to materials.

Finally, you could use decals and place them around each mesh you wish to blend.