blending animations

is it possible to play 2 animations simultaneously for 2 different parts of the skeleton inside unreal? example i have a reload (idle) animation and a walk animation, is there a way to make half(the top half) the character do the reload animation and another half (the bottom/legs) do the walk animation?

You could blend animations easy with “Layered blend per bone” in the Anim-Blueprint. Just combine it with a Slot and/or use “Blend poses by bool”.

In your case (because you would fire one anim once) I would pull a wire from my state machine to create a new cached pose from it. Afterwards feed that cached pose twice into a “Layered blend per bone” node in the AnimGraph. Once just direct in the first input and in the second one put a slot between. And choose a bone name in the “Layered blend per bone” node where you would split this up. For example “spine_03” in the Layer Setup if you click on the “Layered blend per bone” node. This way you could make sure if you fire some animation at that slot with Montage Play in the EventGraph based on some variable or event that is triggered by your character BP that it only affects only some bones upwards or downwards.

You could even easy blend the cached pose from different state machines that way. This could be usefull if you have a combat anim-set without any jump animations but an unarmed anim-set that is able to jump nicely. You could just blend both state machines so the unarmed state machine is still respondig to some “IsFalling?” while doing some JumpStart->JumpLoop->JumpEnd (but only for lower body) and the upper body anims from another state machine that is playing some attacking anim (including an Aim-Offset and a Slot to fire some bullets or reload while jumping).

ty man, i have countless ideas on my mind now, i did some tests with the “layered blend per bone” tool, it seems that it’s gonna work