Blending animations with arbitrary weights

I recently started working with the Rifle Animset Pro for UE4 and found that a few animation are left out. I think that the ones that are missing are left out intentionally because some of them can be created with a Blend Space. For example, the specific animations I’m referring to are

  • Rifle_StrafeRight45Loop
  • Rifle_StrafeRun45RightLoop
  • Rifle_StrafeLeft135Loop
  • Rifle_StrafeRun135LeftLoop

Rifle_StrafeRight45Loop and Rifle_StrafeLeft135Loop can be created in a Blend Space with the following weights and animations.

  • 0.5 * Rifle_RunFwdLoop + 0.5 * Rifle_StrafeRunRightLoop = Rifle_StrafeRight45Loop
  • 0.5 * Rifle_RunBwdLoop + 0.5 * Rifle_StrafeRunLeftLoop = Rifle_StrafeLeft135Loop

Similarly, Rifle_StrafeRun45RightLoop and Rifle_StrafeRun135LeftLoop could be created by blending the following animations and weights

  • 1.0 * Rifle_RunFwdLoop + 1.0 * Rifle_StrafeRunRightLoop = Rifle_StrafeRun45RightLoop
  • 1.0 * Rifle_RunBwdLoop + 1.0 * Rifle_StrafeRunLeftLoop = Rifle_StrafeRun135LeftLoop

The problem with these is that the weights would need to add up to something grater than 1.0 meaning a blend space won’t actually be able to create them.

So does anyone know of a way for me to create Rifle_StrafeRun45RightLoop and Rifle_StrafeRun135LeftLoop by blending the animations I do have together?