Blending animation without Anim Graph

Hey, I was wondering there was a way to blend two animations together inside a PAWN blueprint without using an anim graph.

You can use the ‘‘Play animation’’ node to play the animation within the Pawn blueprint, but I can’t find anything about blending the animation prior playing the animation. The docs keep redirecting me to the anim graph, but that’s not what I want!

Thank you!

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I mean, the anim graph is kinda made for that… Do you just not want to use it because it’s hard?

Play animation is fine for a one-off animation or something, but character animations use anim graph, that’s the whole point of the system.

Have you tried it? Is it not letting you do something specific?

The issue is that I have too many animations on my character due to his movement versatility, interconnecting them in the anim graph is a nightmare and inevitably turns into a chaotic spider web. I was hoping for a node ‘‘blend to animation’’ or something like that, maybe I’m dreaming in color.

What kind of anims are we talking?

I have a character that idle/walk/run with a blendspace. Additionally they can lean left and right while running. They have jump start/loop/land. They react to getting hit; can attack; can kick; can cast; they go into a wounded anim variant when below certain hp; can die. What’s the issue?

Its easy, you can just make 2 states and two animations that blend together, and whenever you want to play an anim, you can make an event that set that anim and also set the transition var. You can think of it like a ping pong.

Interesting, how are you managing your animations currently if it is not through an anim blueprint? They really are the BEST tool in unreal to interconnect a complex animation system.

Well I’d be interested to see what a really complex one looks like if you know any tutorial without filler. I currently use the pawn blueprint to transition between animations, I was planning to make an anim graph later to make the transitions smoother, but then I realized how redundant it is as the logic is already functional within the pawn blueprint, hence why I’m here. d:

I thought about it a bit more and I believe even an hybrid design (switching the mesh animation mode) would be less work than dedicating all transitions in the anim graph. I didn’t try yet, but it’s probably what I will do if I can’t find any other alternative.

Some screenshots of your current implementation would help in guiding you. Video too, but that might be too much trouble. Also a mockup list of animations you intend to have in the end so we can consider the route.

I can’t really show screenshots or videos, there’s 8 event graphs and it’s all intertwined with other mechanics. The one concerning the animation is fairly straight forward, I have a state tracker implemented in the pawn blueprint. Ultimately it ends with a string variable containing the current state (although I could’ve chosen an integer, I chose a string to be able to read it more easily in debug). So whenever the character is walking, the string returns ‘‘walking’’, same goes for sprinting then the string returns ‘‘sprinting’’, etc.

My pawn is just too versatile, and it’s hell to interconnect all those animations within the anim graph. Now I was thinking if I use the node ‘‘Play animation’’ to play an animation in the pawn blueprint then afterward if the state tracker detects a change towards an animation that requires smooth transitioning it will set animation mode to ‘‘use animation blueprint’’ and cast my string (state tracker) to the anim graph, but could it use the animation I played as the entry point within the anim graph? This would mean I either need multiple entry points or be able to change the entry point in the anim graph, I think.

This is my first instinct, I haven’t looked into the anim graph too much yet so maybe some features are still in my blind spots.

You mean manually blending the animations together outside Unreal? I hope not because the anim graph is less time consuming than that. d: