Blending animation with a morph-only animation

I am trying to blend my ‘regular’ motion animation of my character with a separate facial animation ( animated morph targets ). This animation contains only the morph-target animation with no regular animation.


Somehow when a animation contains only the morphtarget it also contains the base T-pose of the character, which is also blended. This screws up my plan.

Is it possible to blend a regular animation with a morph animation ?

You can make the the morph animation additive and apply it on top of your existing locomotion output.

How is this done ? I can change the Additive setting of the animation to Local Space or Mesh Space. I can select a base pose animation within this settings menu. But how is this done in the animation blueprint ?
The morph-animation must be selected within the blueprint.
update: I figured this out… I set it to local space and within the blueprint I use “Apply Additive”. This seems to do the trick but somehow my mesh is scaled up huge. … … any idea why this happens ?

I have no idea to be honest. I have never heard of additive animation actually changing the size of a character.

Mesh is probably scaled up huge if you have a scaled mesh to start with.

e.g. if the mesh is exported with the root bone scaled up 10, and the additive animation ALSO has the (not moving) root bone scaled up 10, that’s a total scale of 100 to the root.