Blending Anim Montage into AimOffset properly

Recently faced a problem with the aimoffset. I have reloading anim montage, which works good when character is looking forward, however if the character is looking up, anim montage is affected by the aimoffset too much. I’m using standard animation pack by Epic Games. Also found a video, where developer used aimoffset + anim motage and everything is working FPS P90 Animation by IronBelly With Kubolds AnimPack! - YouTube. So the main question is - How do I blend reloading montage into aimoffset properly?
montage issue - YouTube

Usually you don’t. You use order of operations to exclude the montage from the aim offset altogether.
Otherwise you need to adjust your aim offset to the specific animation and/or adjust the main aim offset to not include animation tracks for the arms.

Well, how do I add and use with aim offset complex animations like reloading for instance?

I’m currently facing the same issue with my reload anim and aimoffset, were you able to find a solution for this?

MostHost_LA says not to blend the reload with the aimoffset, but if i dont i can only reload while looking straight ahead. That’s a bit weird?

Depends on where your reload animation is set up from. Vs your AO.

You can try to blend the 2 on specific bones. Or go with additive perhaps.
There’s tons of possible solutions based on the actual animations.

Reloding a pistol on first person while aming down sights will probably require the AO to be active (so the montage runs right after the AO)…

Yeah i’ve been messing around a bit, and i dont think an aimoffset is what i’m looking for for my 1st person character. I’m trying an IK driven aim system now and that’s much better.

I tried not animating the arms in the aimoffset, and then playing an additive reload anim, wich actually works fine but it’s not the result i was looking for.

At some point i need to get an aimoffset working for the 3rd person version of the character though, i wonder if i could solve the positioning of the hands being altered by the aimoffset with IK as well?

It could, depends on how it’s used.

The AO overrides bone position off the initial pose.
Whatever you tell it to play after can usually just blend in and out to the position defined by the AO.

The difference between AO aim and IK aim is that doing it via IK is exact, the AO it isn’t.

The Aim Offset attempts to line up animations to match where you aim. But the position of the gun is mathematically calculated between 2 different animations.

If you do the poses carefully, you can get good results.
But they always need an IK adjust when you aim down sights or better, when you need the hands to hold the weapon so it points precisely.

Most 3rd person stuff isn’t precise when it comes to this, so a crappy AO is often good enough to hit the target you aim at anyway.

Combine the 2.
Make your AO poses by moving the gun position in precise degree increments.