Blending Anim Montage into AimOffset properly

Recently faced a problem with the aimoffset. I have reloading anim montage, which works good when character is looking forward, however if the character is looking up, anim montage is affected by the aimoffset too much. I’m using standard animation pack by Epic Games. Also found a video, where developer used aimoffset + anim motage and everything is working So the main question is - How do I blend reloading montage into aimoffset properly?

Usually you don’t. You use order of operations to exclude the montage from the aim offset altogether.
Otherwise you need to adjust your aim offset to the specific animation and/or adjust the main aim offset to not include animation tracks for the arms.

Well, what do you actually mean by excluding the anim montage?

Well, what do actually mean by excluding montage from the aim offset?

Well, how do I add and use with aim offset complex animations like reloading for instance?