Blending and resizing landscapes

Hi there, I’m painfully new to unreal 4 so maybe there’s a stupidly simple way to do this that never occured to me, but here goes:

I’m trying to build a beach and some forest to walk around in, and I’m trying to create 3 landscapes to blend together. One is the beach, which I haven’t figured out how to blend materials well yet so I just gave it some cobblestone. The second is the ocean (I think I got that down, maybe not), and the third is supposed to be a grassy surface for me to stick trees on. My problem is twofold:

1 - how do I trim down the landscape that I’m using for my beach so that it’s one long strip that I can put between the forest and the ocean? It looks like it can only be resized with the X and Y linked, which isn’t too helpful right. now.

2- Is there a cleaner way to blend landscapes together than what I’m doing? Right now I just smoothed one side of the beach landscape in a slight downwards slope into the ocean landscape, but it feels like there’s something I should be doing instead.

yeah you’re not going about it quite right, there’s a few video tutorials that should set you on a better path here’s one