Blending Ambient Tracks

Hi there. I want to create a TriggerArea where two Ambient Tracks blend.

Let’s say I’m outside. The ambient Track is the sound of a wind.

When I enter a cave, it should blend smoothly to a cave ambient track.

I want to blend them by the player position though!
The further I go into the cave, the louder the cave track plays and the more silent the wind track becomes (until I’m fully in the cave)

Does someone have an idea how to accomplish this?
It’s a 3d Game btw.

something like this tutorial? Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Fade Music In Map - YouTube

Thats not What I want.

I want “spatial fade”. The further I go into the Trigger box, the louder becomes the track.

In the video you go into the box and the track starts fading completely.

You can pull a Set Volume Multiplier node from that audio as well, that you can use to manually update the volume levels based on the distance between the player’s location and the middle of the trigger boxes. But i’m sure this wouldn’t be wise on the long run, since it would require all sorts of maths being done on each tick, which is not the strength of blueprinting. You can maybe look into alternate audio solutions with more robust feature set. Something like fmod, wwise?