Hi, has someone information how to use Blender with UE4 or what you need to pay attention to?

you should check out youtube channel, hee covers most of what you need, here is a link :///user/ut40kgeodav, also has some tutorials on his youtube channel, there are a few wiki tutorials as well.

there is also other blender users (like me;)) that can hep if you get stuck.

hope it helps:)

Also take a look into the “Community Content, Tools and Tutorials” section, there you can also find a thread that covers some stuff that you have to take care of. :slight_smile:

Here are some important videos from my playlist about blender -> UE4

LOD: ?v=17pcyPVplEc
and many more ^^

Hey thanks for the quick response, I will look at the references you gave me.

Without your Youtube channel i would never have came this far in UE4 tanks for al your hard work!

Nice to hear that you like my videos :slight_smile:

Listen to GeoDav young grasshopper! He will get you on the right track.

BTW, in the next version of blender (i.e. 2.71) there is a note that they are going to be updating the .fbx exporting feature to the 7.4 standard. This might solve some of our problems.

just been trying the 2.70a version which is looking very hopeful, i even imported a mesh+rig so things are looking up for us

Hi! With Blender 2.70.5 you can import Shape keys (Morph targets) Here :// I put an example and the links. The video has no sound :slight_smile: Or direct link to youtube ?v=iGIiosDj_8Q&

Hola! Con Blender 2.70.5 se puede importar Shape keys (Morph targets) Aquí :// he puesto un ejemplo con enlaces. El video no tiene sonido, porque no lo necesita :slight_smile: O un acceso directo a YouTube ?v=iGIiosDj_8Q&