So I’ve been looking around the forum for a while now and really like what I’ve been seeing here.
I’ve tried to follow many of the tutorials available here and what I could find on the web, but not having any luck!
Is there any tutorials on making a full scene from blender 2.72 and the complete import process to unreal 4.7.0,
I’ve downloaded Xoio Berlin Flat Which is fantastic.

any help would be great



Unfortunately there is nothing like that around -> you will have to create your own tutorial collection :wink:


we are planning on releasing a blender workflow guide like the one we did here . In fact it will be added to this one. Dont know when it will be ready though, but the community’s involvement would help. Ill let you know once i have more info.

You can import a full building into UE4, as long is NOT a single mesh. Best way for any game engine I think is to fallow a modular router for max optimizations. If you have the building rest if just putting/tweaking textures and light.

Thanks for all the advice guys, things are really starting to improve now, been reading koolas’ posts a lot which is a great help also.
Look forwards to reading the blender workflow too…