Blender vs ANYTHING else!

Ok, This is my 5th TRY in building a HOUSE model…I have it set to ue4 scale and I can build it in 2D mod but THEN when I scale it UP to Height and go back into 3D model it disapears OR only shows one wall at a time!!! Can Blender NOT HANDLE 13 meters wide by 3.0 Meters high??? If not what will…Im now very ******…

Shot you a little video which may help.

You can view it here.

i figured it out… thanks

Dev’s Can delete this!

You might want to calm down a bit with your childish threads and ask a bit more politely, you don’t see others posting threads like this.

ummm whats your problem Sitrec? I’m working hard here to learn…I’m doing this on my own, I don’t have a CREW to work with…So take your Trash talk else where…

Most people here are working hard without teams, but you don’t see them act like children.
I’m not saying that you’re doing anything wrong by posting questions, that’s what the forum is for, but if you asked more politely people will be more inclined to help you. There is no reason to write they way you do, just write what you have problems with and ask for help, no need to overreact, using caps, tons of exclamation marks and having a generally bad attitude.

Jeez man, the hostility.

Young people , not mature , reacting in a bad way on small problem , could have been banned for some period to calm down :rolleyes: