Blender Vehicle

ok, I figured it out, you cannot change the scale in the export settings otherwise that wired ‘double scaling’ issue happens, everything works fine now…

Vehicles aren’t the easiest.

Give this a once over for good measure.

This one instead sort of (poorly) explains the Phat Asset

As far as the import from blender goes, make sure the scale is correct in blender. Meters, .01.
if you change it, you’ll have to scale up the model and fix any animations. Scale just the armature by 100. takes care of anything parented to it.
After scaling ctrl+A to apply all transforms. then export. (cars don’t usually have animations).

Looks like you have your rigging correct and that’s 3/4 of the battle between blender and the vehicle import.

Everything seems to be correct

I was messing with the wheel variable within the vehicle pawn class, just the wheels and only the wheels, and for what ever reason when I simulated the vehicle pawn, a SECOND vehicle appeared on top of the other one, physics eventually pushed it out, but this one, that spawned in has the tiny wheels and the other one seems completely normal
for some reason neither of them fell into the void after being separated, they kinda just stop moving?

the other one doesn’t seem to go away after the simulation ether

edit: this must be some sort of bug, closing and reopening it seems to fix it, I’m not sure how this happened to begin with…

Probably. I would say start the process over.
Import the FBX, make sure that everything works there first.

Then re-do the wheels, and configure the proper hookups.

Some times it just helps. other times - try it in a fresh project and copy the filed over after it works…

Ok apparently all this (wheel) collision stuff is just a red haring (why is it in all the tutorials) there wheel don’t need a collision primitive to work.

after figuring this out of course there is another frickin problem, my wheels are sideways…

ok, I’ve gotten somthing better, but still this is anoying to work with, UE4 needs a better vehicle system…

It becomes easier once you do it a couple times. Though I agree that an easier system would help.