Blender vehicle skeletal mesh

Hi all,

I create a simple blender rigged wheels and imported in UE4 in fbx.

In blender all is correct an not error on import. But on UE4 rig arm are more shorts.


Blend file on dropbox:

Any idea where is the problem.


Make sure you export it with scale factor 1 in the fbx exporter (otherwise it will mess up)

To scale it, you need to scale it in the viewport

Then press ctrl-a and apply scale & rotation

Then export it

Then undo the apply and the scaling you did before


I have scale factor to 1. Screenshoot fbx export parametres. But same problem.


Did you apply scale and rotation before exporting?

Yes, I apply. I test to put this on UE4 and wheels fall off. On blender pose wheel are correctly connected to rig arms. But not in UE4.