Blender UV-Channels

Hey guys <3,

I wanted to make a small City like in the Shooter Multiplayer example. So, I imported one of the skyscrapers into Blender, but I’m kinda confused about the UV-map there. Picture can be found on Imgur, here is the link:

So, from my understandings, the building has 2 materials assigned, 1 for the windows (which are tiled) and 1 for the concrete (which is just some white noise). To do this, you can either make this with masking or you just take 2 UV maps and assign specific parts of the Mesh to another UV map. However, how is this accomplished in Blender and why is there only 1 UV map in the example that looks like random? <3

Hello @Ninjin probably I go to make an tutorial about that.

Well the UV Maps what do you see is basically a plane where the faces should be placed, but what happen when the faces are out of the zone ? well then the texture is repeated, its like an pattern the plane is repeated in all directions in the same way, so what you see is a model using 2 materials one texture for the windows and that repeat the same texture and other for the build to the white material, I not sure but that is the model: SM_Shooter_City_Building_4 .

With that method you can make detailed textures repeated without need of create a single texture of 8k x 8k.

*But as note you can’t do that for the lightmap UVMap because that when you repeat something overlap the other faces and result in a crash or problems.

*Edit, found the answer somewhere else