Blender Users?

“Recommended hardware
64-bit quad core CPU
Full HD display with 24 bit color
Three button mouse
OpenGL-compatible graphics card with 1 GB RAM”

What are your systems specs? I have i7 4770K OCed at 4.3Ghz and GTX 760 with 16GB of RAM (DDR3-2000), SSD drives. Do you think my system specs are good for Blender? I’ve never used Blender but will start learning it soon along with UE4.


You should have no problems with blender whatsoever with that hardware, and in UE4 as well. Your hardware is above average, and way over the recommended hardware shown above.

Just make sure you have a 3 button mouse!! :slight_smile:

  • that’s not really necessary either, there are ways around that limitation as well, you’ll be fine!

Thank you! I know my systems are more than the recommended systems but sometimes recommended systems are not good enough. Do you use Blender, DotCam?

"Optimal (production-grade) hardware

64-bit eight core CPU
Two full HD displays with 24 bit color
Three button mouse and graphics tablet
Dual OpenGL-compatible graphics cards, quality brand with 3 GB RAM"

I would like my system to be “optimal hardware” ====))) Maybe by the end of this year, it will be…

geforce gtx 660ti
intel i5-3570 3.4 ghz
8 gb ram

Blender works really good on this pc. :slight_smile: As DotCam already said, your system is pretty good and should run fine with blender ^^

Yeah that beast you’ve got there should be more than enough for Blender :slight_smile:

Yeah I wouldn’t mind a production grade PC either :slight_smile: ahh someday…

I have used blender in the past, and it ran pretty well on my old PC (intel core2 quad 2.4ghz, 4gb ram, and had a GTX 210 for a bit, upgraded to a 660ti, which I still use for now), and runs really well on my new one (i5 4670k, 660ti 2gb, 8gb ram, ssd’s etc). The graphics card is the most important thing for 3d development, the CPU is important as well for things like physics and interaction, but a slow CPU is less noticeable than a slow GPU for sure. I’m hoping to upgrade to an 880 if the price isn’t way more than a 780ti later this year, and possibly get the new i7 early next year.

I now use 3dsMax for most things, which again runs great on my pc as well, they are very similar in terms of performance. The main difference is the price… you can build a pretty good pc for the same price as the software (which is why I went with an i5… spent too much all at once, but am glad I got the haswell, the new cpu’s are using the same slot).

Blender is a great tool though! It is what I used to learn how to model in 3d, it’s easy to learn and very powerful, and free! :slight_smile:

Max is a great tool, I’m a horrible texture artist, but I enjoy the modeling workflow in Max over others. Blender is a pretty excellent free option. Great way to get started, for sure.

So I should be good to go then.

Yep. Just try to keep away from Max as long as you can. Baking is somewhat awesome in Max, though… But that’s about it :slight_smile:

Well I respectfully disagree… :cool:

But as always it is up to each person to decide which they prefer, I personally love 3dsMax, but I know of others who will say Maya / Blender / C4D / MODO etc. is the best. If you can I would always recommend trying the different ones out to see which you prefer, but when you are just starting out that’s kind of a bad idea as you will quickly be overwhelmed by how different they are, so wait until you know 3d modeling pretty well before trying the others.

Btw, I actually don’t do (pretty much) any baking in 3dsMax, I use either Substance Designer or xNormal, as the results are usually superior to max, but again that’s just me! :wink:

That was just a personal opinion of me with some humor bundled. SD is Ok for baking, but you just can’t beat the ease of use of the cage baking system Max has. And if I may dare to advise a newbee – use as little apps as you can. Less apps = more time you can spend learning each of it. I personally use Modo+ZBrush+Krita at work for character design/animation/rendering. And sometimes Blender instead of Modo for stuff like cloth sim (awesome in Blender and horribly awfull in Modo). And for my personal project it’s Blender+3DCoat+Krita+xNormal and there’s hardly anything these four can’t do. Wait, that’s five apps already… Well, try to use no more than five apps then :smiley:

So I read that Blender may have import/export issues with UE4. I don’t have a lot of free time to try new programs out ===))) Once I pick one, I will stick with it. So Maya and/or 3D MAX 2015 will have less issues working with UE4?

Since the new fbx update I haven’t got any issues with blender :slight_smile: The advantage of 3ds max/maya is that you can directly use apex for your cloth stuff and that many bigg game studios are using those programs

Which one is EPIC using?

3ds max and maya

Aren’t they pretty much the same?

I just have used 3ds max and blender, but take a look at this site :slight_smile: (it has been discussed all over the web) Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos

I tried out blender, max and maya.
I will stick to blender because i like its user interface much more than the ones from maya/max, and
on my computer it starts up super fast (~3secs) compared to max/maya(~30secs). And it’s free :slight_smile:

It all comes down to preference. I love Blender and I’m not using it just because it’s a free option( I have many paid software ).
I’m using it because I work better with it.

[EDIT]Your specs are fine for Blender. It can even run well on my puny laptop, it’s not hardware hungry unless you need crazy renders.