Blender Users - Help & Advice Needed

I’d like to see that video or even a written description w/ sample pics or something.

the more examples of problems being solved the easier this will get & the more sure one will be about where an error had occurred when they do have problems.

thx for posting this

Yeah man i am defo gonna do that.
Right now looking at the best way to import animations. So i can do a complete character from scratch import to UE4 kinda tutorial.
with the solutions to problems that you might run into in there also :slight_smile:

Did a few animations this morning gonna do some different ways of importing them.

great, can’t wait, still working the kinks out of Blender & UE4 and everything helps.

especially animations, you should split up your videos into one that is a clean video with what you are supposed to do & what is supposed to happen, then one with all the kinks or problems you discovered.
I haven’t even attempted animations not really, what type of animations can you make that UE accepts, it’s keyframe isn’t it?

I think GeoDav is going to do one for vehicles from another thread & between the two of you, I think the community will profit from them greatly.
where GeoDav posted that he will try to help w/ video:

I did a prototype for a melee combat system, and i did the animations myself Swords - YouTube
at first, i tried to import the blue character, but it was WAY too much problem. At the end, what i did its to create a new character with a pretty simple rig. Animation exporting is ****** as hell or im doing it wrong, but i get it to work.
Somehow, it imports a lot of files for animatino, but only one is valid, and thats the one that plays if you just press “play” in blender. My workflow is make an animation in the Action editor, make sure its selected and its what plays when i press play in blender. Export fbx with all default settings, only the selected objects rig & mesh. When importing, MAKE SURE the scale is set as 100 (1 unit in blender is 1 meter, but 1 unit in ue4 is 1 cm). its not completely perfect, but its working for me needs at the moment, and i get it to work properly. Dont change the orientation settings in the FBX export in blender, leave everything at default, its how it works best. but make sure the scale is at 100 when importing.
Blender exporting its still not perfect and not nearly as smooth as 3dsmax or maya, but it works, wich is an improvement. Everyone should use blender more, its free after all and has 95% same features as the other 2 for lowpoly modelling and its animation and rigging system is really good.


  • Animation import working (all from (1)single .fbx file containing all animations)
  • Animation blending working (didn’t work for me at first)
  • Custom textures & Material (Fresnel etc.)
  • Character controller to move smoothly and not instant speed etc. (Can all be done from presets (thumbs up too/for template creator))

Very happy with result. Project is Finally going towards what i am aiming for :slight_smile:

Next Steps:

  • Character customization
  • Pickups
  • Combat
  • Networking

And of course making a nice in-depth tutorial :slight_smile:
I am pretty busy this weekend though with an application for client.
So once i got that finished, maybe if lucky today. I could make some starts into the tutorial by Sunday :slight_smile:
I will include everything from making rig from scratch into blend-spaces and character adjusting in unreal engine :slight_smile:
ALL from Blender Perspective. :slight_smile:

Got LAN to work!
But not Multiplayer.
I have made a question thread here: Status on Multiplayer - Blueprints? - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

Gonna try to make the tutorial video for this thread upcoming week starting around tuesday.

Sorry, no updates yet.

Hi, thanks for the points. Really helpful.