Blender USDC Scene, no textures

Hi! Not really an Unreal question but maybe a Blender one, not sure, but I am not getting any textures in Unreal when I export USD from Blender and import it as an USD Scene in UE5.
Is it even possible to get the textures that way?

I’m also having the same problem, except I’m using Maya. I’ve tried every setting when exporting/importing from maya to unreal and I can’t get my textures to work, plus some of the UVs are not 100% correct.

I even imported my usd into blender to make sure the textures are working and inside blender I can see my textures, materials and animation working perfectly fine. But if I bring the same usd file into unreal, textures aren’t visible.

I can see the textures inside unreal in the details panel, but it just won’t get displayed in the viewport.

Any solutions?

I have very random results importing the USD scene from Blender. Sometimes the textures show up properly, then they don’t. Even just reloading it in Unreal without changing the USD file will show different textures as though the UV map is incorrect. I thought I was getting somewhere when removing all but one UV map on the object in Blender, but no.

Anyone made any progress on this? I’m using UE 5.4 and Blender 4.1