[Blender UE4] Silly little scene/unit setup for Blender

Wanted to create a plugin for Blender that would set up accurate unit setup in Blender for UE4. Also, has a button to create a UE4 Mannequin for measurement reference.
I created it because I didn’t want to necessarily replace my startup scene file, so this solution works just fine.


Simply install by going to User Preferences > Addons > Selecting Install from File and select the downloaded zip and finally, search for Unreal Engine 4 from the categories list and activate.

Plugin use: Hit T in an active 3D Viewport, UE4 Scene setup buttons under Misc tab. :slight_smile:

Download: http://clockworkanarchy.net/streamfiles/BlenderAddon-UE4Setup.zip

If anyone has any suggestions as to what else I can add that should be required for a default scene setup, let me know!
Alessa <3

Thank you so much for this.

This will be insanely useful :slight_smile:

Whoa thanks. Gonna give this a try rn.