Blender & UE4 from scratch?

Hi! I have some experience with blender and UE4 and I want to get into creating my own art assets. Are there any peculiarities I should know about when creating assets in Blender, specifically for UE4? I know about the scale and the rotation oddity. Any specific stuff I should know before creating and animating skeletons? Are there any standards I should follow on creating the skeletons?

as far , i haven’t faced any problems with blender and unreal engine, except sometimes i face smoothing problem, but that can be fixed within unreal by auto calculating normals or within blender with different smoothing settings,
also , if you import a single plane, than remember which side it has normal facing, because in unreal you can only see a plane from it’s calculated normal side, if you will want to watch it from other side that will be transparent, that was what i faced at first

Okay, so there is no specific standard I need to follow, like bone naming, or bone links?

Depends if you would use marketplace anims or if you would create everything yourself in Blender. If you create everything yourself then you could name and pose pretty much however you like. If you would use anims that was created for the UE4 mannequin then get bone names like UE4 mannequin and even get a similar A-pose to the UE4 mannequin.

How do you import UE4 assets with Blender? For me, the imported assets always come out obscured in blender.

From Blender to UE4 works well. From UE4 to Blender is ok for static meshes but weird for skeleton meshes. It works to get a clue regarding the poses (e.g. for weightpainting or something else) but usually you would avoid from UE4 to Blender. Usually it’s not like you have to create assets in UE4 to get it into Blender but the other way around.