Blender-UE4 FBX Animation Errors

So I made a Guy in blender and imported him to UE4 with no animations and only 2 errors, none of which really got in the way. I tried to give the same guy a walking animation and import that animation to UE4 from blender. His foot got all messed up and for some reason the animation itself was down scaled.
This is the guy without animations.

This is the same guy with a walking animation except now he’s 23rd his normal size and inherited a pretty messed up foot.

I do receive a couple errors when moving him and the walking animation to UE4.

Here’s my Blender export settings and my UE4 Import settings.

Any help will be appreciated greatly.

Try to use FBX 6.1 Version exporter, only export the selected mesh, then the selected animations separate. When you import the animations define Animation Name.

Aight, Lemme try that and get back to you.

Okay, I really don’t know how to express the sheer quantities of joy I am currently experiencing!

Thank you SO MUCH!!!

As long as I use the FBX 6.1 exporter and import the animations and the mesh separately into UE4, then everything turns out great!

EDIT: How do I lock this thread now that the issue has been resolved?

just edit your first post and add [Solved] to the front of the title