Blender --> UE4 Don't see animation

I made an animation with keyframes in Blender with a rig and exported it to a FBX. I then loaded it in into UE4 and I just saw the mesh fine (except for the materials, but that is another story.). So i clicked on the animation and suddenly in the editor window, he played the animation, but I only saw the background. When I switched back to the mesh, I also didnt see something.

EDIT: Same problem:

Someone? Does anyone know?

you’ll find the main issue being scaling in blender, once you have the correct scale use ctrl-a to apply scale, you need to do this for both mesh and rig

do not use scale on export or import as this most likely cause you problems

Im using blender 2.76 and as export I use the bin and check the scale in the export to .1 I save my export profile for not need to setup all, also see that animations are backqued up