Blender -> UE | Character floats above floor, why?

I export my rigged character with setting from THIS THREAD and everything imports ok, however, my character floats slightly above floor:

I’ve already applied location, rotation and scale to my mesh and armature in Blender. What’s strange, even when i noticeably change characters’ position in Blender, apply transforms again and export, it doesn’t affect characters’ position in UE at all… It still floats in the same position, even if (for example) in Blender his hips are on ground level.
Does anyone know what’s happening here?

Hey Slavq,

That is simply the floor in Persona. It is adjustable and by default “0” is something like 10-11 units below the characters feet. There’s a reason, but I can’t remember why off hand. If you go to Show>Scene Setup>Floor Height Offset, you can set it.

-Matt W.

Aah so that’s why he decided to levitate no matter what :smiley: I’m curious why it’s set like this by default, it can be confusing.

Also note this can be caused by Collision or PHaT, If you import the Skeletal Mesh with a Physics Asset, then it may create a big sphere which raises the character in Persona,

Look into the PHaT asset and collision you will see the sphere for the feet is big. Note tho… This only affects Persona, in game the feet are normally flush with the floor.

Whoa, that’s right, i’ve just checked that, scaled down PHaT collisions on feet and now character is standing on Personas’ floor properly. Thanks. The Magic of Confusion is strong in this area.
BTW. The default scaling when generating a PHaT asset could be a little smaller, almost every time i must scale down all the collision sphyls.

I think the scale is on the safer side of things, It over compensates. You have to remember every mesh isn’t a humanoid but you’re right it seems it always larger than it needs to be. I would recommend also making your own amendments as it will never be perfect for every mesh.

Glad I could help.