Blender to Unreal: Transparency issues (correcting normals has no effect?)

Hello dear Community,

currently learning Blender + Unreal and I step into this issue(normals/transparency issue see pictures) again and again and I am unable to fix it, I really need your support here.
Every existing thread says that you simply have to correct your normals in Blender to fix this (Shift+N or in Object Mode -> Mesh -> Normals -> Recalculate outside)

I have done that. Before merging objects, after merging objects, in Layout, in Shading, tried to pull them apart so nothing is overlapping… and still I can not solve it.
I probably miss something here and it’s is driving me crazy. In Blender the blue lines are looking fine for me, they point outside or am I wrong?

Please find pictures of the issues in Blender and in Unreal attached.

I tried everything and i really hope you guys can provide me some support here.

Big thank you!

Check the object scale in blender. If any axes are inverted, that’d be why. If no axes are inverted, then you might’ve applied scale, then you should try inverting one of the axes.

Just tested to confirm

Isolate the part that’s having issues, import just that and see how it goes.
if it works. Maybe unreal is simply importing in the wrong file after you corrected it.

**@NotSoAccurateNo1, **this actually solved the issue. My Y Scale was on minus, changed that into positive and now its importing just fine. I would never have thought of that.
Thank you very much sir!