Blender to unreal (rigged mesh )

i want to export mesh from blender as such i used third person model as reference to figure out best setting but it seem like when i scale it then apply scale then export to blender the animation will be a mess
so how to fix it ?
thank for anyone willing to answer

Sorry if i misumderstand your question (it is isn’t very clear) but how i understand it you are setting things in unreal and then exporting bacl into blender, which wont keep the settings as they are ue4 specific, i believe it works the same for blenders matarial nodes

Try creating your 3d model and animations in blender and make sure they are correct there and then export to unreal and then setup your settings, but if you are trying to use animations that you didnt make and have them in unreal then use the skeleton retargetting system

thanks it seem like the only way to get animation working as intended is exporting them with the fbx as whole package

Are you maybe forgetting to select the skeletal mesh when you import your animations?