Blender to Unreal - physics?


how do I export blender objects hierarchy to unreal so they import as parented rigid bodies ?


anyone ?
I mean I dont want to attach physic objects in unreal editor manualy, I want to do it in blender
so they are aligned with visible objects

I made a animation but I usually export objects in 3ds max as obj and then animated them in Max and then from Max to Datasmith that basically exports it to UE4 format

others export it as fbx to directly in UE4 which includes animation but that for some reason didnt worked for me and I’m pretty sure Fbx will keep the hierarchy same

physics are not animations, they are physics…

I dont only need collisions, I need to get hinges to be controlled programmatically, like a robot or a crane

Oh, I think parenting is maintained in Fbx format while for hinges i think origin and parenting will be enough, for physics I’m not sure either, I’d either use eevee or export them as animated mesh

I’d love to see datasmith plugin being available for blender too but right now sadly not much of a direct way

I discarded the whole physics thing
it’s unstable and the actor goes apesh!t like crazy
so I ended up spending my time figuring out what parameter to set correctly

I now use animations a s you suggested, I still can have rigid bodies attached to the skeleton
and I rotate the bones as I want

thx for your help

You’re welcome, Happy to Help