Blender to Unreal model baked materials

Need some advice.

I created a model in Blender, using procedural materials. I then baked down the entire model to .jpg files for all of the material and texture maps.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to apply those texture/material maps to the ENTIRE model in Unreal . When I import my model FBX into unreal it comes up with all of the materials listed in Blender but they’re all white, obviously because the materials wont transfer from Blender to Unreal reliably.

When you bake texture/material maps for an entire model in Blender is there not a way to apply those directly to the model in Unreal without having to recreate all of the individual materials?

I found one way to create a material instance, but I’m missing a menu and it will not allow me to add individual texture files into one material instance.

I’ve been going in circles for days, please help!