Blender to Unreal FBX issues

I’m trying to skin the mannequin to the hero_tpp character in shooter game. When I export fbx from blender 2.76b using 7.4 binary I get this.

Can Anyone tell me why? Other than the neck piece which needs to be manually weight painted.

I get that result once I apply an animation to the mesh.

I would like to mention that I searched for the answer to this question for a week before asking it on here.

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Thi actually is a very lengthy topic to cover in a few paragraphs, but you may try searching for the twitch broadcast they did on this issue (blender to unreal in general), try searchingg for that on youtube. They use the mannequin model as well.

Thank you very much for your suggestion. I watched both of the Twitch streams related to blender and I was already doing everything they talk about in those videos. I am starting to think it is related to bone roll. I am looking into that to see what I might be able to do. I’m really kinda stumped though.

Somebody. Anybody. What might cause this?


I have almost got it figured out. Just have issues with the roll bones and hands and fingers.

I fixed the problem. The issue was that my ref pose was not close enough to the hero characters ref pose. I edited it somewhat in blender and now everything works fine.

I am having a problem setting my blender model to a re-targeted mannequin pose. My model has some deformities and I tried setting advanced settings to skeleton or animation or scaled animation…with no results. My model is slightly bigger than the mannequin. Do you have any suggestions?

I set all my bones to skeleton and then changed pelvis to animation scaled and left the rest at skeleton. Also make sure you are applying rotation, location, and scale before export. Also the rest pose needs to be in the same position as the skeleton you are copying from. Ik bones need to be set to animation I believe.

Note: In blender when you change the rest pose you have to add a new armature modifier then apply the old one in order to apply the new rest pose. Blender is ghetto.

I’m having trouble finding rotation, location, and scale and getting it to work without flaws. You think you could give it a crack for me?

In object mode press ctrl + a to bring up the menu to apply.

I’ve got everything down, just my player’s arms are moving through its pelvis. Any last suggestions?