Blender to Unreal Engine import animation troubleshooting - Alembic files looks jagged

I was wondering if any Blender-to-Unreal users have come across this issue when exporting an animated mesh as an alembic into Unreal. Below are screenshots of the mesh in Blender vs. Unreal, importing this alembic into Unreal looks extremely jagged. The animation still works in Unreal, it’s just the mesh quality that I want to correct. I’m wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction in regards to settings/checkboxes I should be looking out for, or mesh quality I should be aiming towards? The mesh in Blender is all quads, and all quads are relatively square in proportion for the most part. I am familiar with exporting alembics from Blender and importing them into Unreal, but I’ve never had this issue before.

(This animated mesh is being exported as an alembic because the animation involves a sphere being Cast through a hose over a period of time, and an alembic is the only way I’ve been able to think that this could work. If there is another way this type of animation could be brought into Unreal, I would love to know!)!

This is the desired shading, and is also the shading visible in Blender

This is not desired, but this is how it imports into Unreal

These are my Blender export settings

These are my Unreal import settings

For those still looking for an answer it is because the exported mesh is too small. Needs to be around 1000x scaled up in this case. Best to base it off centimeters in Blender.