Blender to Unreal Engine (Character Rigged)

I’m having some issues with a character I rigged in Blender and export it to UE. As you can see in the images below, the hands falls down when I click play the physics simulation. I can drag and move the other parts, but the hands I can’t. You can also see an error when I first import the mesh, but I don’t think that is the issue.

I checked on Blender to see the parenting of the bones and they are correct. The rig works just fine in Blender. The hands are the only problem in UE. If I click on the hand inside of UE I can see that it doesn’t have any constraint. I tried adding it but it doesn’t do anything.

Also, the weights for the bones and the mesh are correct as well.

You need to creare the PHAT yourself anyway.
however it is most likely you are just missing the proper constraint or a bone in the chain like the twist of the forearm is erroneously included.

With PHAT and Ragdolls, less is more.
spine_01, and spine_02 can often be consolidate in one constraint.
the arms should however have 3 joints: shoulder, elbow, hand.
same for feet. Hip, knee, foot.

Additionally, if you want to make use of the ragdoll for getting up animations you may want to set the root bone to have a non existent collison with kinematic as the simulation type. When you do that you need to set the constraint of the pelvis to the root by setting all the constraints as FREE.

It’s time intensive.
and using the Mirror function doesn’t really work IF you already set up your constraints.
so set up all the capsule on one side, mirror them over, then review/reset the constraints.

I got all the necessary bones.
You can see in the image The the forearm bone is parented to the upper arm. The hand is parented to the forearm.

I fixed it. I just rigged the character again. There was probably something missing or I deleted something by mistake.