Blender to Unreal engine addon

Well Blender to unreal addon, well i have Blender 2.9 and there is no such this as the Blender to Unreal addon for that, unless have 2.8, i suppose there too darth to upgrade for any better than 2.8. i Know their a bit slow 6 kangaroo short in the top paddock, i cant wait to see what Blender 3.0 be like, i am not far off, also i am not far in finishing purchase all for my colossal mega PC Build, well i got everything else, and all i only need to purchase is the AMD Threatripper 3960X sTRX4 CPU because of the sTRX4 motherboard i own that would be a ripper, also i thinking for my GPU i get a $2,999 the RTX 3090 GPU 24 GB memory, ah hardrive 4TB evo pro one for A and one for B drive and a 32" 4K pro monitor, so i dont have to star to squint at tiny little writing, well by the time i have all put together UE5, i must not to forget about CPU thermal past, are about Blender to unreal addon i seen the youtube, need to do 50,000 things to use it.

Hm a lot of really nice people here, all like to play God with the Blender to Unreal addon, o we wont let him know, were better then him, al can go and ■■■■ your selves.

Could always try writing something comprehensible you might get some help.

if i read this right, you can’t install on 2.9?.. i had that problem too, till i kept the zip in my downloads folder when i installed, then it installed… as opposed to the instructions that say put the zip in your add on scripts…

This, just unzip go into blender > install and then point it at the zip

Thankyou for your help.