Blender to Unreal 4 tutorials?

Hey guys this might exist somewhere but I can’t find it. I’m looking for a tutorial series that shows me how to make from scratch something (Gun, character, animal, vehicle, etc) and then use it in UE4, animations and all.

The reason I’m not just looking up blender modeling is because from what I understand its a lot different modeling for a game, not having to many vertices and doing things a certain way and such.

If you could point me in the general direction of one that would be highly appreciated as are any tips for a new guy.

Thanks in advance guys!

I haven’t seen anything that’s full, front-to-back Blender to UE4 pipeline that I can recall.

Epic has a stream on youtube I’m sure you can find that details how they do it. Obviously won’t include the modeling in Blender portion, but shows a typical export/import process from Blender to UE4.

I setup my Blender the way they did and didn’t have much luck. Mostly issues with physics assets and scale. I’ve since found a workflow that works for me great. I think part of the trouble is that Blender has been a little inconsistent lately with what’s coming out of the exporter. There are various workarounds and such, but of course each time a version changes there’s potential to change the way something works, so you’ll read something online that helped someone at some point in time but no longer applies perhaps.

I’d first start with just a Blender modeling/animation series. The good thing about Blender is there are a ton of free tutorials on YouTube because it’s freeware.

Hell, maybe some day I’ll even make a tutorial for it…I’m not real keen on my voice when recorded though haha.

OK thank you that would’ve been my next question. Because I know most blender tutorials are from learning to make animated movies and such.

Hero potential level: 10/10

Haha, nice. I’ll try to get one made for the exporting/importing at a minimum.

I’ll say that I used Alimayo Arango’s YouTube channel to get started with modeling and Blender basics. It’s good for mechanical stuff especially, although his workflow is more for animating within Blender rather than targeting game workflow. So, he breaks his meshes up into several objects, which you probably won’t want to do in the end (most people use 1 or 2 meshes) but that’s getting ahead of ourselves. His basic modeling techniques are solid, and you’ll learn plenty about the basics of animation from his mech videos…but after you make his stuff you’ll likely need to learn about Vertex Grouping and Armature modifiers to get it into “game” shape.

I also got a lot of good insight from a guy named Darrin Lile. Also has a YouTube channel. Search either one of them and you’ll find some good stuff.

Thanks for your help bro you have pretty much answered my questions perfectly haha. I was wondering if its possible to learn blender stuff just in general first so yeah thanks man.

you can try my channel, i’m no pro and blender isn’t my best friend but i show how to get game contnet in from blender and how to set things up.
there are lots of videos on my channel include stuff for udk but the work flow is very similar also check my ut list as i have some blender stuff in there as well which might help

Annnnd subbed, thanks bud.