Blender to UE4 socket origin issue

Hi. I have followed this tutorial

I have applied rotation,scale and location. Also, I have set the origin to geometry in Blender. The problem is when I add the mesh to the socket in UE4, it is not at the place where it should be, but much higher. What could I do ?

you need to set the mesh/origin to 0,0,0 so that it aligns to the socket/bone

I have tried that, but it still doesn’t work

ok what is the item your trying to do.

the way i’ve done it in the 3d program is to place the origin at the bone and then move the mesh to the correct location, once thats done reset the whole thing together so that the mesh with origin is at 0,0,0 , also make sure that all scale has been reset, now export.
in ue4 place the socket at the selected bone and then attach the mesh to the socket

I also tried that. Since I modeled the mesh on the character exported from Fuse as obj, it didn’t have bones, so I duplicated a vertex, moved it backwards, snapped the 3D cursor to it then the origin. After that, I applied location and scale and it still doesn’t work. The mesh is a headband that I attached a soket linked to the head bone in UE4. I have uploaded the .blend file along with its .png texture, in case this helps solve the problem.

I think

  1. it’s not needed to change scene scale
  2. if you simply export model, its origin will be in world center,
    if you want model’s origin in for ex center of model, you must set model origin in blender’s world center, then export it.
    This is my export presets, may help you problem with mesh export results from blender - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums