Blender to UE4 Root Motion

I’m working on a character that has a big ax leap/slam move. The animation looks awesome and all, but when I import it into unreal and enable root motion, he just stays in one spot. In blender, I animated the posing in pose mode, but then moved the whole armature for the global position of the rig. The keyframing of the whole armature was done in object mode. Is this correct? I feel like its a problem with something that I’m doing in blender instead of it being a UE4 problem, but how should I go about animating this? My armature is fine, everything is parented to the root bone, the armature is named “armature”, etc. I uploaded the .fbx to Creators 3D to see if blender was exporting the motion right, and the animation plays as it should on that. In the animation viewer (UE4), I have enabled “Process Root Motion” in the Character > Animation tab and still nothing.

First try to export the character and import to a new blender file. If it is fine in Blender, then it is a setting in Unreal that need to be changed