Blender to UE4 Problem

Hi guys, checked everywhere on the site, but no one seems to be having the same issue as I am, and it’s really confusing to me what can be causing this.

So basically I did all my pre-production and planning out all the different parts and assets I was going to need to model for my modular workflow, and when I imported my first asset I got this error. At first I thought maybe it had been caused by one of the export buttons I must have misclicked or had forgotten to click, but after over an hour of trouble shooting, trying to import the model on my other machine (laptop), and tried different versions of blender, but I’m still getting the same results. I need to get a start on this modular pack so I can start prototyping as soon as I can, so if anyone is able to help me out or has any clue what might be causing this it would be greatly appreciated. Also I forgot to mention that whenever I would assign another material to the mesh (starter content materials) it would look absolutely ridiculous, for one of the materials (cobblestone) it made the mesh look like shiny metal with a reflectivity set to 120%, very strange. I’ve never had this problem before so if anyone can help, once again it would be greatly appreciated.

Below I have attached a screenshot of what the mesh looks like with the standard world material on it, and I’ll also include my .blend and fbx file if anyone would be kind enough to throw it in their version of blender/UE4 to test maybe it’s a problem strictly on my end.
Thanks in advance!

ps, The problem persists with every other mesh as well, whether it be the starting cube, or some sort of fence

You have no UV map and no lightmap. Also I would recommend picking Edge smoothing during the FBX export. It is also best practice to fix your scale so you’re building 100 times bigger and then just letting scale be 1.0 on FBX export.

Disagree about building so bid, and also smoothing is an aesthetic choice. I posted in the thread but yeah lack of UVs were the sole problem.

Lightmaps are created in UE4 aren’t they?