Blender to UE4 FBX Animation Import Corruption Troubles Help Plz

Heyo all;
So in blender we have a mesh with a skeleton that is animated.
We export to FBX
We Import the FBX into Maya to check it to make sure its working
Everything checks good
We then import the FBX into Unreal
Some of the geometry corrupts during animation
If anyone knows whats happening here I will be so so so incredibly thankful
Any help is greatly greatly appreciated.

I have attached an image of the results and the FBX itself is here

Blender rigs have a scaling and rotation issue in Unreal Engine. The distortion shows up in the Skeleton editor. It changes
the rotation and scaling of the armature. But you don’t see the distortion in Blender except if you look at the location, rotation, a
and scaling numbers. And it probably dosen’t show up in Maya either and looks perfectly fine, but its when you go to
try to animate it in Unreal Engine, that the bones distortion starts to show.

I assume this is an issue with the rig not having its scale set to 1.0,1.0,1.0 when it was exported to FBX. To do this, in object mode in Blender, with the rig selected: CTRL-A and select “Scale” to apply the current scale and try re-exporting it.