Blender to ue4 collisons not working?

i imported this mesh that i made from blender, to ue4. the player is meant to be isnide the mesh, as it is meant to be a room, everytime i hit play, my player cannot move, when inside the mesh. how can i fix this?

Check it.

  1. Your collision mesh use the right naming convention: Wall - UCX_Wall_00
  2. Your collision mesh is child of the actual mesh
  3. The normals of the collision mesh are correct. Viewport overlays(top right) Face orientation(Blue Ok, Red bad)

Also check the import option One Convex Hull per UCX. If you set this, UE4 will create a single convex hull from your UCX meshes. This might also cause trouble.

will it work if there are two collisions meshes, for one actual mesh?

i got it to work, using the collisions settings, in the static mesh viewport, but thanks for help, for any future collison problems.

thanks for the help man i appreciate it.