Blender to UE4 - Animating a Character

Hi all

I have currently been working on modelling a character in Blender that uses the same rig and animations blueprint that comes with the UE4 Third Person template. This has been a good quick and easy way to work on my model while being able to apply UE4’s stock animations to it.

Now, I want to take the next step and rig and animate the character myself. I am aware that the animation blueprint for UE4 needs to be made as well so that animations work when triggered (such as running animations that need to be triggered when the player moves the character).

Can anyone point me to the best tutorials on this kind of thing, and possibly mention common ‘pitfalls’ that can be encountered when first embarking on this and provide any other tips that may be useful?

If any clarification is needed on this, please let me know.



Hi there! One question - when you import you Character to UE you choose existed skeleton, right? The one that Third Person Character has? (So you dont import skeleton, only Mesh and skinning weights)

Yep, that’s correct! That all works.

But I’m looking to create my own rig/skeleton and animations now, and learn how to make it work with UE4 and animation Blueprints.

Please let me know if any further info is required.

Ok, so I think that is what your plan can be

That’s all main steps.

This looks great, thank you!

I’ve been making great progress as a result of these tutorials. Thanks again for this.

One thing I’m trying to do now is to make the Idle Animation transform into the Run Animation as a result of the speed of the character, rather than as a result of a custom Boolean. I noticed that the default UE3 Third Person Character is managed by the Run Animation being triggered as a result of a speed float, but I am not sure how to set this up.

Are you aware of any tutorials that provide direction on this?

If any clarification on this is required, please let me know.



Hello! That are Blend spaces. There are some base videos about them:

Thank you!