Blender to UE4 4.18 collisions

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Quick question,

How do you import a collision from blender to UE4 version 4.18 and view it. I have successfully managed to do this in 4.10 and click on collision to view my custom collision however in 4.18 there is a drop down instead and i can’t see where to view my custom collision if it was imported.

Any help would be much appreciated,

Collision volumes need a special name in blender to be seen as collision volumes in Unreal.

if you have a cube called boxie01 that you want to export with Collision, duplicate it and rename the duplicate as UCX_boxie01_001

Then export both boxes.

There is an fbx documentation page for Maya export that describes the collision naming convention.

I know this is old, but thank you!

Took 12 iterations to find this solution :frowning: All sorted now! :smiley: