Blender to UE 4.3: skeletal anims

After updating to 4.3 to investigate the option to ignore “Convert Scene” to supposedly make Blender importing work better, I find that there are still issues.

Some of my animations have their bones messed up:

Another issue you can’t see well in the gif above: I want the body slightly rotated one way, with the head turned the other way, so it’ll still point forward. But upon import, UE seems to reset the root bone’s rotation, so the character is now looking slightly to the side. Thinking that the root bone rotation might be causing the leg issue, I modified the idle animation so the root bone isn’t rotated, but the initial bone problem remains. I have a walking animation where none of the bones are rotated incorrectly as far as I can tell.

After some investigation, I’ve noticed I can reposition the leg bones inside of UE and they show up correctly, but this change then applies to all other animations as well, causing them to show up incorrectly.

I’m experiencing the same problem with UE 4.7.4 and Blender 2.74: