Blender to U4 best clothing / cloth workflow >>

Hi guys,

Looks like you have to use Apex Physics along with Blender to create clothing for your character for U4.
Is that the best / recommended way of doing it or will there be issues?
Is there a better way in Blender to create clothing for your character for import in U4?
I dont know if I like the whole Nividia licensing agreement blah, blah.
I would rather work with Blender and U4 ONLY.
I do need clothing on a character’s body though and not just a flag like in a tut I saw.

Thank you for your kind answers.

really good working. If you get some errors, try older blenderversion, before changing file.
I hope i get you right and its not about simulation ^^

O.k. thank you yeah I heard of “Make Human”.
I will try it out.
Do you know if its free for commercial use?

Completely free

Thank you looking at that right now actually. :slight_smile:

Make Human seems fine except … all the clothing samples they show seems tight fitting the character though.
What if you need very loose clothing that hangs and blows in the wind?
If its all tight fitting then you might as well just model the clothing as part of the character’s mesh.
Seems like you do need the Apex plugin / standalone with Blender and other programs like Max
to get the more real cloth effects that you would see in long satin dresses or mantels that hangs and blows in the wind.

Thats the reason i do only naked chars, there is not much that can swing in the wind…
When you use Apex its limited to nvidia users, so far i know.