Blender Texture Baking - UE4 Workflow

I have been learning texturing for several weeks but I do not understand how to make my textures in Blender. In Cycles render we can make our procedural textures but it is showed in renderer mod. I wonder how to export the texture showed in renderer mod? Also I still do not understand why we should bake textures and what texture baking is. Also I do not get why to use specular, ambient occlusion maps etc. I even do not know how to generate them. Have I use to Crazy Bump for generating maps or is Blender enough? In a nutshell, I want to learn the whole game asset creation proccess in blender and want to learn the process Blender to UE4. I know this is not a specific question at all but I cannot find a good video series for that. There are some good tutorials on digitaltutors but most of them covers Maya,Max,Zbrush. The important thing is how to apply these textures, maps(ambient, specular etc) in game engine. Please help me. We need some good tutorial series for this purpose.

Also what do you think about Substance Designer-Painter? Should I get it or is Blender enough?

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watch this :slight_smile: Little Retro Studios - YouTube

[QUOTE=Rahul_Rp2;560423]Blender to Unreal Engine 4 in a Nutshell - YouTube

Thank you very much.

I found this awasome channel: Wayward Art Company - YouTube
This guy has made some awasome tutorials which is exactly what I am looking for.