blender simple shape problem

Hi all.

I create in blender simple shape using circle curve, then i apply extruding, then i convert the curve to the mesh so it is able to export to fbx, but when i import it to UE, its visible only from one side !!!

I am crazy from this

… i tried to apply in blender Double side lightning, then i tried this also in UE4 but nothing helps.

Check the screen.

Thank you

edit: i tried to apply in blender UV mapping to unwrap and also others, but didnt help

Your material needs to be two sided.

thank u guys, will check both of your answers

it works, thank you very much! however i will be using probably the solidify solution. but good to know this anyway

it finally works, thank you! :slight_smile: now blender models works as it shouyld out of box. i was struggling with it whole day :slight_smile: