Blender Shape key animation + Mesh deform

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to animate a blooming flower in Blender like in this tutorial
(Animation of the petals start at 30:00)

I recently discovered (thanks to this thread:!-Morph-Targets-NOT-imported&p=249035#post249035) that it is possible to export shape key animations from Blender to ue4. The problem that I currently have is that, like in this tutorial above, my petals are connceted to the “petal holders” via Mesh deform modifier, which are more or less cubes that deform my petals. When I export my animated flower to unreal engine 4 my petals aren’t animated at all, but just my petal holders. My question is if there is any way to get my petal move like the petal holders in unreal engine 4 or if it is impossible to get it working.

Thanks in advance

I didn’t watch the full video but I didn’t see any bones added to it. I do believe you need at least one bone to make vertices animation work correctly.

not necessarily, in the linked thread I did use bones but the other guy didn’t use bones at all.

yep, that can be done:)

well I didn’t watch the hole tutorial (I mean it was like 1.5 hours or something like that;)) but if I understood it correctly you use the “petal holder”(think that’s what he called it) to deform the “petal mesh” and then you key frame the morph target of the “petal holder” which then drives the movement of the “petal mesh”, by doing that it means your not actually creating any animation data for the “petal mesh” itself, in blender the “mesh deform” modifier is updating the “petal mesh” based on the movement of the “mesh holder” but UE4 doesn’t have the “mesh deform” modifier so I don’t think you can use that modifier with UE4 to do what your trying to do.

the only way I can think of doing it would be to make a shape key for the actual “petal mesh”(so without using the mesh deform modifier or “mesh holder”) and then animating that, I know that would take a lot longer to make but its probably the only way.

hope that helps:)

Yeah you need to bake the morps/blendshape sliders. I might just be quicker to set up a blueprint or animation in UE4 to drive the blend shapes more dynamically there.

Yes that’s the way it’s done in the tutorial and the way I tried to do it. I suspected to get that answer, but I wanted to be sure and ask you kind guys here in the forum :D.
It would be indeed much harder to get such a result when I would apply the shape keys to the actual mesh.

I’m not that used to those animation blueprints in ue4…never have worked with it at all:eek:, however it might be worth to go into detail.

Uhm…so I can bake the animation to my actual mesh to export it to ue4? Never have done that before…Acutally it’s my first try with morphs…Can you tell me how I can bake morph/blendshape sliders?

One way in Blender is to simply export each extreme solider position in sequence as obj. Then import each of those into a scene and you’d have your morph targets. Also exporting as .obj with animation checked will give you a series of .obj objects one for each frame. So that gives you some options there. One way or another you need to then get those morph targets into Unreal to animate them as decried here with a Blueprint - as far as I understand. But on the Blender side “baking” the animation is fairly simple as I have described it here. There may be other options. But I know this will work as I have done it before. :slight_smile: