Blender Send To Unreal plugin everything is sideways

I’m able to use the Send To Unreal 1.4.1 with Blender 2.83.5 and 2.90.0 to add meshes, skeletons, and animations to an Unreal 4.25.3 but everything faces the Y axis and not the X axis.
Even manually exporting to FBX and telling it to use Z up and X forward doesn’t work. The closest thing I’ve found so far is manual export to FBX with default axes and when importing force front X axis but then some of my animations get messed up. I’ve watched several youtube tutorials on how to export from blender 2.8+ to ue4 and most of them are manual FBX and tell you to change the axes in the exporter and the few videos on send to unreal don’t mention anything about things facing the wrong way.

Anybody have experience with getting things from blender to unreal and can help?

I’m sorry this won’t help like you need: I only export mannequin animations from blender to UE4, Mr. Mannekin Tools automatically exports everything correctly, so it’s definitely a blender/plugin problem.

Are these things you are creating? If so, do some dummy tests with a time-cheap cube and nose character. or a simple animation(slide forward a little), and play around with rotating it/settings and test the export/import process. Trying to figure it out at the front end of a simple dummy project, not with your existing animations, will help you decipher the problem fast, programmer style)
You’ll either find the snag immediately or eventually. Best of Luck and sorry if this unhelpful post aggravates your suffering )= I feel you!