Blender Send to UE and UE to Rigify plugins doesn't work on 4.25.4


My config:

W10x64 UE 4.25.4, Blender 9.1, send2ue 1.4.13, ue2rigify 1.3.14 rigify 0.6.1
Everything setup as it should be…(follow precisely Epic tutorials)

So…nor send2ue and ue2rigify works and on both no “Always use unreal scene scale” option in blender preferences

send2ue :
get the error :


Even “root” selected “convert” button stay grey.

Any idea on how to fix the problems ?


Similar problem here… Any update?

[EDIT] Finally solved the problem, for my part. I thought I had a path problem but in fact, it was the antivirus.

I’ve made both Blender and UE editors as autorized applications in my antivirus. Warnings about Windows Defender apply to antivirus too but we don’t have warnings from antivirus when transaction between Blender and UE editors are blocked.

It also doesn’t work for me either. ryzen 5, gtx 1660. doesn’t install from zip file at all.